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The Vision Clarity brand of lubricating eye drops is different. We are a small family company with a mission to serve our customers above all else. We were born out of this commitment, and built on a foundation of integrity, honesty, and quality. Kurt LaCapruccia joined our company early on, and is a valuable free benefit for you.  As a Certified Health Advisor & D.S.S., Kurt will take the time to talk to you for free and support your health goals. Our parent company, DR Vitamins, LLC, is also located in the United States. We have been consuming and researching nutritional supplements since 1980, and have extensively researched the raw materials found in various lubricating eye drops.

Vision Clarity was developed using only the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade raw materials from the purest parts of the world. We feel our eye drops are the safest, most sensible formula available. Vision Clarity is part of our brand Life Vitality. Life Vitality Supplements are packaged under the purest possible clean-room conditions. Formulations are developed based on the latest research for optimum health benefits and absorption. Our supplements maintain the strictest standards, voluntarily following Good Manufacturing Practices, which set specific criteria for essential aspects of the manufacturing process such as cleanliness, record retention, and waste disposal. Each product we manufacture is made with Integrity, Trust, and Quality.

Life Vitality is different.

Our supplements are certified to be of the highest quality and:

  • Contain beneficial amounts of the finest, most highly targeted nutrients available
  • Undergo rigorous testing to ensure that ingredients meet or exceed high standards of excellence
  • Provide highly absorbed and utilized nutrient forms shown to be safe and effective
  • You receive highly concentrated, active ingredients, not those less effective and non-standardized mixtures sold by other companies
  • You pay less for Life Vitality products as compared to brand name supplements, all without sacrificing quality or potency
  • We are committed to your good health and to provide you with the very best in vitamins and supplements
  • Superior formulations, world-class manufacturing, and exceptional quality go into every Life Vitality product
  • We take great pride in every step of our manufacturing process. Our products meet or exceed the high standards set forth in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia and the Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs)

As a result, you can be assured that each of our products are:

  • Made only with the highest quality ingredients
    Subject to strict in-house laboratory practices and testing protocols
  • Formulated according to the most current medical and scientific research available
  • GMP Manufactured and packaged using state-of-the-art machinery from equipment manufacturers specifically chosen for their demonstrated leadership in quality
  • Tested for compliance, ensuring product quality and integrity. Finished products are then quarantined for final analysis, evaluating weight, purity and effectiveness. This commitment to quality ensures you will receive a superior Life Vitality product, each and every time.


Certified Health Consultant, D.S.S.

When you email or call us here at Vision Clarity, Kurt, our lead customer service representative will be the one who typically responds or answers the phone. You never have to push buttons to talk to a person. Kurt became a part of the Vision Calrity family because our small company shares his foundation of integrity, trust, and quality. He will take time to talk and email you, providing honest information to help you achieve your health goals. Kurt will often send follow-up emails with our customers to ensure they have the information that addresses their unique circumstances.

“Making a difference in people’s lives is very important to me. I enjoy spending time with my family; we do just about everything together. I also enjoy reading, playing the banjo and tennis with my son. Teaching a Sunday school class is one of the highlights of my week.”

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